Mathematical Introduction to Data Science

Instructor:  吴磊,
Teaching Assistant:  韩洋,
Time:  每周周一 3-4节 (10:10-12:00), 双周周四 1-2节 (8:00-9:50)
Location:  二教302
Office Hour:  周一晚上7:00 - 8:00 @ 理科一号楼 1555W
Outline:   outline.txt
Lecture note: 每次课前由助教上传到北大教学网

Grading Polices

  • Assignment 60%

  • Final project 40%

    • 10% presentation

    • 30% report

Course project

Projects should be done in group of 2-3 with intention of exploring a particular problem in great detail. Specifically, you are asked to chooise a paper from this list (to be added) and write a review. The review should not only summarize the paper, but also identify the novelty and limitation of the result. A good paper review at least attempts to answer the following questions:

  • What is the main result of the paper?

  • Why is the result important and significant compared with existing work?

  • What is the limitation of the result?

  • What is the potential research direction inspired by the paper?

Reference Readings